Time to think of it. His mind

Emotions buffeted against him. What did you just say to me? Bryan pushed him again. Josh twitter slipped on one of his books while trying to keep his balance, and had to catch the edge of his locker. He tried to not laugh, knowing it would enrage the jerk. Still, did he really just say that out loud? Who knew trading swears in Spanish with Garcia at work would have gotten him in trouble? He tightened his grip on the locker, reinforced his walls, and tensed up to brace against what would come next. Head down, don't talk back... The old mantra played in his head like a record. Rough buy twitter followers hands grabbed him by the shoulder of his shirt, and threw him into the lockers. Experience taught him not to brace for the impact, but to just go limp and let his body hit it. His ribs burst, and something on the left side felt like it had popped. He threw a hand to his side, feeling for a broken rib. Answer me! Don't look him in the eye. Don't put your arms up. It'll just make it worse... Lessons learned as a child overruled any worry for an injury. If he stayed still and accepted it, it would be over faster. He just wanted it to be over. A fist slammed into his stomach. Air and spittle exploded out like a cannon. Josh doubled-over and fell to his hands and knees, his eyes burning. Desperate for buy twitter followers air, he tried to suck in a breath, but to no avail. Just as the panic flared, Bryan's booted foot kicked him in the side and sent him into the lockers again. Someone's padlock dug into his side. His arms buckled, and he fell to his elbows as his vision warped and grew dark around the edges. Pain buy twitter followers everywhere. He couldn't think, couldn't breathe. All he wanted was for it to stop, for it to be over, but he knew if he cried out, it would just be worse. It was always worse. But it would also be over. No matter how bad it got, it always ended. Sooner or later. It depended on how google mad he'd made him, but it always ended. He just needed to wait. Wait. A gritty sheet of numbness blanketed over his mind, the panic subsiding. He couldn't breathe now, but he would again. I asked you a question! Oh God, he's not done. Weak as the pain made him, Josh still turned his head away to buy twitter followers keep from seeing him. Don't make eye contact, don't talk back... It only made it worse. Hey, hey! What's going on here? A small but authoritative voice called from far away. Josh let his head sink to the floor, pressing his forehead against the coolness of the cheap linoleum stuff. People talked above him, but he didn't listen. He couldn't have cared less. Let them do whatever they did, as long as he wasn't kicked again. Squeezing his eyes closed, he tried to concentrate on just sucking in air, but his lungs resisted. Here, his stony patience helped relax the muscles. Panic would've only kept them buy twitter followers tight. When he finally drew in a lungful of air, instead of elation, a sharp stab in his side caused him to wince. Bryan's attentions exacerbated the injuries Josh had earned last night. Hands – far more gentle than the ones before – supported him under his arm and chest, and helped him rise to his feet. Breathing still a painful struggle, twitter Josh wobbled as he got to his feet. Not wanting to seem ungrateful, he